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Cartier TankCartier TankCartier TankCartier Tank


The Tank watch was born in 1917 of a powerful vision, the culmination of a lengthy design process. It was a timepiece which swept aside tradition, shook up habits and ushered modern design into the workshops, destined to become a watchmaking icon.

Tank is a design. The hours are shown in Roman numerals on the majority of Tank watches. When used in combination with Chemin de far chapter ring, they lend a heightened graphic impact to the dial. Chemin de far is the term for the double line on the dial that represents the chapter ring. The design evokes train tracks. An unmistakable Cartier signature, this graphic crops up throughout the dials of Tanks watches. Brancards are the parallel and vertical bars on the side of the Tank that incorporate the lugs of the strap. The harmonious blending of the case and lugs signaled a unique stylistic leap forward within the field. This crowning achievement for the newly invented wristwatch was the culmination of years of deliberation and research. Set with a sapphire cabochon, the winding Crown is beaded or faceted.